WENDY SKRATT studied photography as Fine Art at the Corcoran School of Art (Wash DC) and the San Francisco Art Institute. Concentrating in portraiture and fashion, she excels in illustrating a subject's character. She sharpens her fashion with rich character and uses strong design and lighting in her portraiture.

As a freelance photographer in San Francisco from 1997-2000, Ms. Skratt worked with clients such as MTV, New Riders Publishing, Eve.com, and Wired Magazine. During 2000-2001, she lived and worked in both Milan, Italy and London, England; gaining influence from European style while further developing her own visual style.

Ms. Skratt collaborates with independent film directors and producers to create images for marketing films as well as documenting behind the scenes moments. She excels in photos that concisely express concepts and emotions which the film explores.

Her expertise in portraiture and fashion combined with her interest in documentary work makes her an ideal wedding photographer. She finds it challenging as well as rewarding to capture the unique moments of a wedding day. Her stylized brand of photojournalism lends itself to catching expressive images that the typical wedding photographer would miss.

Ms. Skratt's fine art work has been shown in San Francisco and New York. Hydrants, a series begun in 1990, portrays a society of hydrants as invisibly networked individuals; recognizing isolation and establishing character. Her newer Reflections series studies the overlap and compression of the subject and viewer's perception. Subjects are compressed inside their physical space and the viewers perceived space. Although the prints are created from a single negative, the complexity of the shots often leads the viewer to believe that the shots were double-exposed or overlayed in the printing process.

Currently living in Brooklyn, New York she continues to travel frequently to London and San Francisco for her clients. Ms. Skratt also enjoys teaching her craft and offers individualized lessons to students on a range of experience levels.

Contact: via email at [email protected].

"The magic of photography is metaphysical. What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying." - Terence Donovan