Wired Digital: HotBot Ad, "Research" (1999)
Worked with design director to conceive and style photo. Recreated a 1960's photographic style. Cast talent and coordinated resources for delivery of final product on a rush timeline (two days: concept to delivery). Deliverables: scans of B/W 35mm negative. Published in Blink magazine.
Kode: Product/Lifestyle Shots for Mobile Phone (2000)
Worked with PR agency and Kode CEO to determine style and attitude of PR shots for teen-targeted mobile phones and service.
Stay Free!: "Dewar's Ad Spoof" (1997)
Fake ad created for NYC print magazine focused on issues surrounding commercialism and American culture. Developed concept with managing editor. Researched locations to emulate desired photographic style. Provided B/W 35mm negative as deliverable.
 FASHION - BEAUTY Beauty Editorials (1999)
Worked with site designers and hair/makeup stylists to produce make up and beauty product editorials which could accompany product photos and editorial text on an e-commerce site.
Model Testing: New York/San Francisco/London/Milan (1998-present)
Test new and experienced fashion models to create photos for their cards and for personal fashion editorial use. Shoots involve collaboration with stylists (hair/make up/clothing), directing new modelling talent, and lighting/location selection to match talent.
 PORTRAITS Portrait of LL Cool J (2000)
Studio portrait of artist to accompany interview and for MTV stock news use.
Jeffrey Veen: Portrait of Author for Book Cover (2000)
New Riders Publishing, 2000. Worked with author and book designer decide lighting style and composition to work with conceived design. Available through Corporate Portraits for Home Page (1999)
Worked with Senior Designer to determine style and compositions of headshots. Provided casting through local modeling agencies. Presented 35mm positive film and high resolution scans as final product.
Maxi Mag: Group Portrait of Authors for PR (1998)
Published in SF Metropolitan magazine (12/98) for the article "99 People to Watch in 99". The photo is also featured prominently on the Maxi site ("Meet Maxi"). Final product was a high-resolution digital image from B/W positive film.
The Rescuers: Editorial Portraits for Musicians/CD Cover
Worked with band members to create a style of portrait that would complement their image and music. Provided 6x6 and 35mm scanned images as deliverables.
 PRODUCTS Cosmetics Product Shots for E-commerce Site (1999-00)
Worked in digital 35mm to provide product photos for designers of a site selling beauty products/cosmetics online. Shot over 20 full lines of products as well as creating editorial product shots for certain items to be emphasized. Retail Product Shots for Consumer Review Site (1999-00)
Worked with product stylist and delivered transparency film for web use. Product Shots for Editorial Site (1997)
Worked with editor-in-chief to achieve a particular style of product shot. Provided web-ready scans of 35mm slides as deliverables.
"Mission": Independent Film: Still Photos (1999)
Determine with the Director and Director of Photography which scenes were essential for use in advertising and press. Attend portions of filming to capture images needed as well as to document the crew in the process of the filmmaking.
Skratt.Net: Professional Photography Site
Designed and created site for personal promotion and content. Created all html, images and design elements. Site is updated monthly with new work. Conceptualized process for updating site easily, recruited technical talent and managed goals for technical execution to supplement functional vision.
San Francisco Art Institute (1989-1992), Photography, Fine Arts
Corcoran School of Art, Washington, D.C. (1988-1989), Photography, Fine Arts
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA (1987-1988), General Education

- References Available Upon Request -